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High-Protein Wellness Hamper


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Let’s begin by selecting healthy and nutritional treats to consume during your snack breaks.

Some so-called energy bars typically use more than 50 ingredients to make energy bars, which is also very scientific, which raises the question of whether all 50 ingredients combined together truly fulfill the authenticity they claim. 

Like many cooks sabotage the dish! Similarly, the presence of numerous ingredients complicates the health value of each one. Here we use just four, yes! You read it right, just four ingredients : dates, cashews, cocoa, almonds that make it more worthy of serving your health and savour your taste buds at the same time..

Also, amidst too many options, choosing the best seems a challenge?


We are at your service to ease the hassle!

Why you must choose us is because we use few ingredients and we use clean labeling to ensure the intake and benefits of those ingredients.

This Hamper consists

  •  Chocolate Salvation Peanut Butter – The most nutritious chocolate spread available in the market. It is a jar full of happiness. 
  • The Elixir bombs of Protein choco fudge are rich in natural goodness are devoid of preservatives, zero added sugar, no refined sugar.
  •  Another part is Elixir bombs choco almond nuts that are fulfilling and is present with the richness of dates, cashews, cocoa, almonds.

These are the nuts to energize you before or after the workout. The nuts are a completely plant-based source of protein in India. 

Authenticity is what makes a product stand out. Each product here is curated and packed with love and perseverance.

Pausing for a cup of tea truly stops the brain for a moment, allowing for a brief break from a task and the ability to return to work more productively.


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