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This Irresistibly temptatious & drooling Chatpata Peanut Butter with the goodness of Traditional Indian Spices and the zesty aroma. Munch on this pack of natural awesomeness that’s full of all the right fats, fiber and energy. A chef-crafted recipe, Cerebrate the zing of good health, one handful at a time. Your body will love it!

Benefits of Chatpata Peanut Butter :

  • Lowers the risk of Diabetes – Peanut butter is especially a good choice for people suffering from type-2 diabetes as it is low in carbohydrates. Also, research suggests that individuals can reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 30% just by eating 2 tablespoons of peanut butter for five days (in a week).
  • Helps in weight loss – You can use peanut butter to shed off those extra pounds you unknowingly gained. Made with High Fiber and High Protein, it is surely a healthy substitute for your diet needs. 
  • Promotes strong muscular and skeletal health – Iron and calcium are found in abundance in peanut butter which is essential for circulating oxygen in the blood and promoting healthy, strong bones and muscles.

Ingredients: Roasted Peanuts, Indian spices (chilli powder, Pink Himalayan salt, brown sugar, Asafoetida), Fractions of Vegetable oil, Vinegar

People can add Chatpata Peanut Butter to their diet by the following ways:

  • To PB&J sandwiches with a Savory twist, spread a tablespoon of Maska’s Chatpata Peanut butter on toasted brown bread.  
  • Spread Maska’s Chatpata Peanut Butter on Khakra, or on plain paratha, You are going to love it. It is the savory replacement of traditional maharashtrian shengdana chutney.  
  • Craving for a spicy bombay sandwich but don’t wanna give up on your diet? This heavenly spread can be your immediate rescue. 
  • Goes amazingly with Idli, Khakara, Poha, Dosas, Best for salad dressings, Paranthas and Toast

About this item

  • Chatpata Peanut Butter is the dream come true jar, Its Nutritious, spicy with High Protein, Gluten Free, Zero Cholesterol, High Dietary Fiber
  • Goes with: Idli, Khakara, Poha, Dosas, Best for salad dressings, Paranthas and Toast
  • It is authentic Sing-dana Chutney with the smoothness of peanut butter. Creaminess of Peanut Butter with a kick of chilli to spice things up a notch
  • Refrigerate to preserve freshness. Oil separation is a natural process, Stir it well before use

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