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Mini Nutrition Hamper – All In One


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With a constantly evolving competitive environment for many of us and during this era of newly learned terms like pandemic and quarantine, we understand how the recent change of working from a cubicle to work from the comfort of your home, has evolved our eating habits as well. When you want to eat amidst work or in-between meals, can we keep that urge directed towards eating healthily? 

Instead of eating with a shedload of work targets, keeping track of calories intake we’ve got something for you! 

Do you want to unravel what we have for you?

Try your hands-on our extremely Licious ‘Wellness Hamper- Chocolate Heaven’

It contains : 

1 quantity of “Baked Granola Gourmet” with added 30% Almonds, Seeds and Berries,

1 Yummilicious “All Natural Chocolate Salvation Peanut  Butter”, along with 

1 “All Natural Choco-Crunch Peanut Butter”, Well, it is the peanut butter with dark chocolate – the spread you always dreamed of. 

1 of Roasted Seed Mix; created to cater all micronutrients required by our body.

1 of Organic Raw Green Tea Leaves; improves blood flow, immunity and helps in weight loss.

This is not just it! 

We haven’t missed our truly “All Natural Elixir Bombs”

1 of Choco-Almond Nuts; an amalgamation of choco and almonds for enriching taste.

This box is a pandora of happiness and stairs to a better lifestyle with our 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free peanut butter, baked granola, nuts and other wellness coaches. 

Suitable for kids or working professionals or even grandma’s and grandpa’s! Just tear it-eat it-drown in it. 


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